Become the Fearless and Confident Public Speaker You’ve Always Dreamed of Being: Banish Your Irrational Phobias Once And For All...

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" speech went from great to WOW!"

“I presented my speech in front of about a 100 trained speakers and not one of them could give me a clue on how to make it better. They all said, ‘it’s perfect the way it is.’ In just two hours with Darren's materials, my speech went from great to WOW! Those two hours were two hours of my life very well spent.”

Cliff Suttle, Novi, MI

Maybe you have publicly spoken numerous times before or it is your first time...but whatever your situation, you no longer have to feel sick with fear and over-whelming panic when you speak in front of a crowd…

Let me set the stage…

You may have been asked to do a presentation… and you now feel the apprehension and adrenaline start to build…

Here’s the reality you're facing…

You are going to be the ‘show’, so you need this public speaking opportunity to be the best it can be, otherwise your career and reputation could go right down the tubes… with hundreds of your peers watching!

And to make matters worse, you suffer massive panic attacks, uncontrollable anxiety…in fact, you’re terrified!

How Do I Know What You’re Feeling?

Because I've been there...I've been through it myself...and I have felt that high-voltage anxiety.

I have heard my heart pounding in my ears. I start pouring buckets of sweat just before going onto the stage...

...does this sound familiar when you’re making your way to the stage?

Hi, I'm Andrew Rondeau and there I was over 25 years ago, on the surface, my career appeared perfect. I had just been promoted to Junior Manager, my income was much higher than the average, and the company I was working for was going places.

But the stress of Management was just too much…especially my irrational and paralyzing fear of Public Speaking.

Because I couldn't speak in public (I just dried up with fear), my reputation as a Manager was dreadful.

This was not what I was expecting. No matter how hard I tried to remove the fear, I just did not make any progress. It was like swimming in molasses. In fact, the fear actually stopped me writing the speech as well. I felt incompetent.

I knew there HAD to be a way, as other managers were making it look easy standing and presenting in front of large audiences, engaging with them, getting a few laughs, answering the awkward questions.

And on top of all that, they delivered with no fear and no panic.

I was expecting to experience the same.

”How do they do it?” I thought

I couldn’t ask my boss, could I?

Can you imagine the fear and the shame of looking stupid?

The humiliation…it fills me with panic.

And what if my boss thought I wasn’t up to the job and I was demoted – I’d be back to where I started (and with less money!).

Then it just hit me…why don’t I just simply ask a co-worker for some advice.

But that didn’t work…

I asked one of the best speakers in the department and the advice I received was no better than useless.

“Just get up there and do it", "no one will laugh if you make a mistake" and "tell some jokes" did not help at all (the laughing comment actually made things worse - I just pictured myself being laughed at by 100's of people).

That was it, I thought I had made a big, big mistake – this Management career just wasn’t for me.

I really struggled, I lied awake at night worrying…locked in crazy-making, inner-conflict.

I thought about quitting before being fired but…

I wanted to do a good job (we all do, don’t we?) and was keen to fathom what “Public Speaking” was all about because I was getting used to the excellent income – that’s one thing I didn’t want to give up.

But rather let the situation to get the better of me, I knew I had to do something about it myself.

This was my problem and it was now or never. I had to take action.

"How A Shy Frightened ‘Just Promoted Manager’ With No Real Experience Took This Ridiculously Simple Advice, Got Promoted Again Within 3 Months, and Gained A 30% Pay Rise...and How YOU Can Do It Too!”

" incredible resource..."

“Andrew Rondeau is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to quickly rise to the top of their career.”

James Nicholas, Fitness Manager, Manchester, UK

So, I became a self-help junkie - reading Public Speaking self-help books, listening to self-help audios whilst commuting to and from attending courses facilitated by NLP experts.

I put my newly learned tips and ideas to the test.

The results were just incredible.

I was infused with fresh enthusiasm…and my boundless energy was back.

But looking back, now, it’s stunningly easy. Once you know and use proven techniques, the transformation is immediate and amazing.

I know how it feels to experience that fear of public humiliation, the tightness that you feel on the inside when you just don’t know what to do and your boss is watching your every move (or so it felt).

But I Have Been There And I Can Show You How To Overcome It

I shudder to think where I would be now if I had not made the decision to change my approach and discover the proven techniques of Public Speaking.

"...A Proven Track Record..."

"Andrew has a proven track record for getting the very best out of people. His enthusiasm, dedication and commitment are first class. If you are someone whose livelihood depends on maximizing your talents then Andrew is definitely the guy you need to talk to".

Damien Senn, Internet Business Coach,, London, UK

Andrew Rondeau makes your Presentations Come Alive!

"...look no further than Andrew"

"Andrew Rondeau has a sincere desire to help you succeed. If you are looking for quality service and advice from someone who knows their stuff, look no further than Andrew. You won't be disappointed."

Denise Dewar, Therapist & Counsellor, Kent, UK

So, I wanted to put together a special and unique Public Speaking product.


Because I see many individuals being held back from having a great career or just getting on in life (like I was) because they don’t have good Public Speaking skills.

When I started to put together this Public Speaking product I wanted someone who was even more experienced than myself to be on board as well.

So I carried out extensive research on expert Public Speakers. I studied their videos, I purchased their products, I spoke to them and I found the best of the best – none other than the Public Speaking World Champion, Darren LaCroix.

"Darren, you are an incredible source of information..."

"Darren, you are an incredible source of information on public speaking and marketing speaking services.
I learned more in the hour and a half with you than I have ever learned before about the speaking business.”

Bob Mauterstock ~ Farmington, CT

“You Will No Longer Feel Sick With Fear And Panic…When You Attain The Secrets Of The Public Speaking World Champion”

Darren LaCroix shares all his Public Speaking World Champion secrets

"...Darren is a master."

"Always good to learn from a master...and Darren is a master."

Jeff Brucculeri - Host Business Talk Radio

In 2001, Darren LaCroix, The World Champion of Public Speaking, out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win the coveted title. Since that victory, Darren has travelled the world demystifying the process of creating a powerful speech. He has roused audiences in faraway places like Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from first-rate chump to first-class champ.

Today, Darren commands up to $5000.00 per keynote speech!

Click On The Above And Be Amazed - Watch Darren In Action

How many times have you spoken (or maybe someone you watched) and thought:

"That was embarrassing"

"I just don't know what to say"

"What if someone asks me a question I don't know the answer to?"

"Should I add humor to my speech?"

"I want to be better at Public Speaking but I just don't know how or where to start"

"I am just so nervous"

Come with me...and I'll show you how obvious, and easy, and simple it can be (for the rest of your career) to write and deliver a winning speech.

”Throw Away Everything You Have Learned About Public Speaking…All Those Old-Fashioned, Bad-Habit Techniques No Longer Work..."

Imagine this:

You are standing in front of the audience.

You have no fear.

You’re confident and relaxed.

The audience is eating out of the palm of your hand.

The audience is sitting on the edge of their seats, eager to hear every word. They’re smiling and nodding in agreement.

Can you see it?

Can you imagine it?

Are you ready to experience it?

Click on the above and see why someone said:

"WOW, Darren, You Are Brilliant, No Joke, That Was Inspiring. Thank You"

Darren LaCroix wins the 2001 Public Speaking World Championship

Andrew Rondeau has created the ultimate solution to overcome the stresses and pain of Public Speaking...the ultimate course...Get Applause Now!

It doesn't matter if you are looking to...

Remove your fear of Public Speaking

Make your dreams come true and have a great income from Publicly Speaking

Stand up in front of thousands to get your point across...with confidence and maximum impact

Profit from the fact that you can sell by Publicly Speaking

Be successful and impressive at your next job interview


Simply be more vocal in a meeting...this is the proven way to get more respect and recognition


Then just give us a few more minutes...

The Get Applause Now! Course GIVES YOU EVERYTHING You Need To Make a Quantum Leap in Your Public Speaking Skills

In Get Applause Now!, we tell you everything we have discovered, done, proven, and taught others about how to correctly improve your Public Speaking and to consistently get the results you are looking for.

But Get Applause Now! is not merely a course. It’s a totally different approach.

Not only does Get Applause Now! take you by the hand and walk you through every step … it’s also designed so you can quickly use it – anytime – in a matter of minutes!


Why ‘Introducing yourself’ is the WRONG first step in Public Speaking to engage your audience, and what you should be saying (and doing) instead. An astonishing easy and effective tactic (well-used by smart Public Speakers…but unknown and totally ignored by 99% of other Presenters)

How to finally have more fun and get amazing reactions when you Publicly Speaking…it’s super easy, super powerful and works like crazy…once you know how its done (please, don’t waste your time trying anything else – this works!)

Demolish your fear of Public Speaking with this one forgotten secret…feel calm, relaxed and confident (never feel stressed, sweaty, shaky or anxious ever again)

The 18 no-nonsense questions you MUST ask yourself before you even think about Publicly Speaking (no matter what the subject)…use them and ensure you don’t have a ‘nightmare’ on the stage (that way, your reputation stays intact)

Skip years of fear, stress and anxiety by knowing these 3 sly, crucial and simple tricks used by Public Speaking World Champions (You’ll no longer be quivering…guaranteed!)

Remove Unnecessary Fears And Phobias, by taking a positive outlook on your presenting skills and discover your true potential, so that you no longer experience that fear

The glaringly obvious tips (most people are totally clueless about) you must use when using visual aids…and ensure your audience are enlightened, delighted and smiling (rather than confused, disgruntled and asleep!)

You Will Be Asked Again And Again To Share Your Skills and knowledge; (being asked is such a ‘pat on the back’ for you, you will be in such high demand)

How to nail the passionate ‘sweet-spot’ of your audience - With this sneaky tactic... you’ll gain instant trust and engagement (and your speech will be positively remembered for years to come)

The “lazy businessman’s 9 Steps” to ensuring your presentation is world-class…master them in a short afternoon (and never get tongue-tied or “blow it” again)

Gain an unfair advantage by discovering the "Urgent Missing Elements" that 90% of Public Speakers fail to apply to their presentations. (Finally figure out where you have been going wrong…and fix it now).

Ignite a tremendously powerful ‘unlocking’ process to make the audience sit on the edge of their seat - eager to hear every one of your spoken words (maybe even a standing ovation). By the way, you will wish you knew this fabulous tactic years ago!

How To Sell Yourself To Any Audience: You will have customers and audience begging you to present again and again

Understand the one shocking thing that’s stopping you living your Public Speaking dreams - In a blink your blind-spot will be removed, your dreams will be reality and suddenly all your hidden potential will be recognized by all (if that’s what you want, of course!)

You have seconds to ‘capture’ your audience. Use this stunning and incredible strategy that works every single time. (Just in case you are wondering the answer is not ‘make a joke’, or ‘try to be funny’). Your reputation is on the line here… so ensure you walk away with it intact by following this brilliant “fear-busting” technique.

How To Ensure Your Audience Gets More Than Their Money’s Worth every time you present.

A ‘Must Have’ tip, which improves each presentation you deliver...Simply follow this no-risk advice and boost your public speaking skills…they will just get better and better…(only the top 1% of Public Speakers do this…do it and join them almost overnight).

How To Create A Killer Opening. The fine art of grabbing your audience by the eyeballs!

We could go on and on for hours – you get the point: Whatever your Public Speaking challenge is – whichever aspect you want to improve – you can do it quickly and easily with Get Applause Now!

Now...keep reading and discover...

The World’s Most Comprehensive Resource For Ensuring Your Public Speaking Skills Become Extraordinary...

How To Write And Deliver A "Knock Your Socks Off" Winning Speech

Darren LaCroix winner of the 2001 Public Speaking World Championship

Darren, a world champion Public Speaker is simply going to tell you how he does it. All his years experiences are shared and you get to listen to what a World Champion speaker sounds like. You can copy him, model him.

This enhanced MP3 download will give you the World Champion’s views on the essentials of writing and delivering a winning speech.


What's The 'Deep' Question You MUST Ask Yourself before you even think about presenting. Without knowing this question, you might as well give up now.

What is the most important part of a presentation? And is not the opening or the closing. The breakthrough answer will shock you (then use it and wow the audience…guaranteed and without fail!)

So you have your presentation topic agreed. What is the very next thing you MUST do? No excuses…you MUST use it. You will be astonished with it’s simplicity (No one knows this other than the elite presenters).

And what is the second thing you MUST Do? WOW! This makes things positively complete and so simple.

What is the 'Simple Speech Formula'? This is the one little-known and under-used technique that will get organizers clamoring to ask YOU to present and forget about your competition.

Some Public Speaking Mentors say "You should move around while Presenting", Others say "You should just stand there". What do 2 World Champion Public Speaking mentors say? Find out, instantly add powerful impact to your presentation and bump yourself up the ‘picking chart’.

Easily and simply overcome the serious ‘killer’ problem of audience distractions. Discover how to stop them cold and have your audience hanging on your every word..

The #1 easiest way to get a 50 to 100 percent enhanced impact when you simply know where to stand on the stage floor…a totally wicked and psychological tactic…(this is so sly, no-one will notice)

A guaranteed trick by the world champion Public Speaker…the easiest way to be a master of Public Speaking, no matter what field you're in. This is the "master secret" of perhaps the most successful Public Speakers in the world. Hear how to apply this proven and lucrative technique to your opening and closing…and jump to the next level of Public Speaking success...without fail and risk free

What’s the 'I U Ratio’? This is a must know opportunity otherwise your audience can turn ugly and against you…make this horrible mistake and you’ll NEVER want to present again. Use this sneaky physiological tactic (they won’t even know) and you will be astounded with the glowing reviews about you, the Influential Public Speaker.

What Are The Only Two Ways To Start A Presentation? Even better, use both powerful strategies and be remembered for ever!

So you've been told to use stories, right? Now ramp it up and use the 'VAKS Formula’ in each one of your stories and “hypnotize” the whole audience (but don’t take advantage of them, that would be unfair, wouldn’t it?)

Ever heard of the 'Push, Pull, Passion Formula’? No? I didn’t think so…this formula is the Public Speaking World Champions very guarded secret. Why? Because it works like a Steven Spielberg film…the audience do not want to blink in case they miss something (and they tell their friends and want to see you again and again)

So You Need Some New Material For Your Next Presentation? Discover one of the easiest (and smartest) techniques, and you will have more material than you will know what to do with.

The Magic Of "So What?" Removes All The Unnecessary Fluff From Your Presentation - Don't Use IT And Bore The Audience To Tears

A Formula That Is So Powerful, you can merely "wave goodbye" to your past Public Speaking failings, turn on your inspiration and motivation, and easily achieve success after success after success, and, as a satisfying side benefit, your friends will wonder what ‘magic pill’ you are taking. Otherwise simple known as the 'Cherry Tree' effect.

"...everyone raved about it."

“I gave the speech last Monday and everyone raved about it. I went in very confident, knowing it was a very good speech thanks to your advice and changes. In fact, they hope to get me back again and several said they want to find out where else I'm speaking so they can come hear me again.”

Christine Duvivier ~ Managing Director, Impact Partners

“Listen To The World Champion Of Public Speaking Only Once And You Will Instantly Reduce Your Fear Of Public Speaking”

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Bonus Gift # 1: 10-Week Video Public Speaking Coaching Course

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The problem with the vast majority of ‘success’ type products available is, you receive no follow-up support. You read or listen to the newly purchased product and then suddenly you are on your own.

How Do You Benefit From The Tips And Techniques Listened To?

With the Get Applause Now Program that problem is covered.

It meets both of the fundamental actions you have to take to become a fearless Public Speaker in the shortest possible time. You have all the secrets PLUS you receive 10 weeks of follow-up support. For each of the 10 weeks you receive a video Public Speaking coaching course sharing with you real actual ways to implement the successful secrets shared within the program.

Claim your private access to one Video Public Speaking coaching course each week for the next 10 weeks. The 10 most important Public Speaking questions are answered to help you avoid the most embarrassing mistakes most Presenters make!

Each of the Coaching Videos is concise, succinct, straight to the point and full of great advice to ensure you become a fearless Public Speaker in the shortest possible time.

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"...the audience gave me a standing ovation"

People came up afterwards and said I did a great job... and when I finished, about 3/4 of the audience gave me a standing ovation. My message and stories were a good fit for the banquet. I had about 25 - 30 laughs in 20 minutes, which I am proud of since I tell stories about getting beat up in school… and having a brain tumor. Thanks for all of your help!"

Roger Revak ~ Speaker

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Come Alive

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Andrew has put together all 101 of his ideas, tips and techniques that enable you to create a perfect and dynamic presentation structure, content and delivery. You will be able to pick up Andrew's ideas and use them the same day and your presentation skills will take-off. There will be no more fretting and worrying and you’ll have confidence, no matter what the situation is.


Andrew's Simple Step-By-Step Structure and be fully prepared, confident, passionate and ready to give the best presentation of your life - The Audience will be eating out of your hand!

The 19 Revealing Questions you must ask yourself during the planning stage of your presentation. Miss only one out and your credibility will be 'shot to pieces'.

How To Ensure You Are Not Deemed As "No Good", "Useless" by following this one easy action; all your fears of inadequacy will be gone forever

One Way To Instantly Improve Your Public Speaking Skills. If you want to be the best, this one simple secret is worth double the cost of this entire package. I have never heard or seen anyone else talk about this fascinating secret. But will you be ready to use it?

The Best Way To Use Visual Aids And Props For Powerful Impact, to get the audience on your side, to make a point, to get the audience to buy from you...

The 9 Key Points To Structure Your Presentation and be remembered for delivering a polished, professional speech...rather than an embarrassment

The One Act You Can Do To Ensure You Are Confident And Calm as you walk onto the stage - remove all your fears and frustrations, as all eyes will be on you and the audience will be keen to hear every single word

The One Thing You Must Do Immediately After Your Presentation so you are even better the next time and excited about your future Public Speaking engagements

The 'ERIC', The Fascinating Tool For Instantly Removing All Your Bad Habits When Public Speaking, no matter what your background, where you come from or how bad you are today

Bonus Gift # 3: Humor 101: Comedy Secrets For Professional Presentations

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Think about a public speaker you admire. Someone who is a successful Public Speaker.

Did they use humor in their speech?

Did they get the timing of the humor absolutely right?

Even, more importantly, did the audience respond positivly with more excitement and laughter?

We suggest the answer to all 3 questions is "yes".

It is fact, the most successful public speakers use humor and use it well.

So, would you like to be funnier?

Once Darren lets you in on the "secrets" of the comedy world you will see that people are not born funny.

Instead, as Darren will prove, humor is a learned skill. Learn how to create your own humor to "lighten up" your presentations. You are guaranteed to walk away enlightened and entertained.

Discover the valuable insights into “how to” get your audience to laugh!

On this 80 minute MP3 recording, discover:

What Must You Do TODAY To Be Better Tomorrow? When you hear it, the answer is so obvious - You'll just wish you knew it years ago!

How To Get Your Audience Laughing MORE: This is the coolest secret that all comedians keep to themselves and use every time - NOW you can simply use this to engender more fun when you Publicly Speak

Simple Yet Powerful Formula That Guarantees Humor In Your Speech - next time and every time

How To Make Your Presentation More Professional by discovering the "rule of 3"; all the big name speakers use this rule for guaranteed success

You Want To Improve Your Public Speaking Fast, Right? Use this unique technique from Darren and "grow" 3 times faster than anyone else

The Secret Ingredient That I Know Is Missing From Your Presentations; discover it, use it and you'll be asked to come back next week to present again

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"...loads of helpful exercises..."

"You get a lot of tips from world champions and loads of helpful exercises to help you out with each stage of your speech"

Henrik Edberg, (How To Improve Your Life Blog)

Bonus Gift # 4: Free To Fee : How To Start Getting Paid To Speak!

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Have you ever dreamed of earning an income to speak?

Where do you start?

What do you need?

What are people willing to pay for?

Maybe you have the aspiration of, someday, being a public speaker and being paid for it.

Listen in, as Darren LaCroix shows you how to get started!

If you don’t aspire to be a paid public speaker, guess what, the same techniques which Darren shares are still relevant. You can become as good as a fee paying speaker.

Darren's very first professional presentation was for $75. Now he earns in an hour what he used to earn in a month and commands $5000.00 for each keynote speech.

Darren easily gets you started and shows you how you can earn a fee by next week!


Change Your Way Of Thinking Towards Being Paid To Publicly Speak. Understand this way of thinking will boost your income overnight!

Discover The Key Public Speaking Skill You Need To Be In The 1% TOP Speakers Group

Want To Know The Simple Question To Ask Yourself So You Know Why People Would Want To Pay You For Speaking? Knowing the question will make you an instant hit and your 'order book' will be full!

In Today's World How Much Should You Charge For Your First Paid Keynote Speech? Ask for too much and you will be rejected time and time again. Ask for too little and you will be missing out on lots of cash!

What's The "GOLDMINE" Tool You Need (And It's FREE)? Without it you will waste days of effort, if not months.

Discover How To Get Your First Public Speaking Booking And Be Paid For Your Keynote Speech. The simple steps you need to take are all here.

"I have received my first speaking paycheck!"

“I have received my first speaking paycheck! Your advice helped me realize what I was getting into and it sure helped me avoid many of the pitfalls that others make routinely. Thanks for your help.”

Theresa Westcott ~ Houston, TX

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Get Applause Now Will Remove Your Fear Of Public Speaking And Provide You With The Skills Required To Write And Deliver
A Dazzling Presentation

We take you by the hand and explain everything to you in a simple, foolproof series of steps. There are specific actions that will walk you through the process of first ensuring you feel calm, confident and relaxed, planning and preparing for your presentation, creating your presentation content and all the way through to the post delivery.

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Donald Latumahina, (Personal Growth and Effectiveness blog)

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Here’s the DEAL: Until now, only a handful of lucky individuals have discovered these World Champion amazing ideas and secrets of how to Publicly Speak …..Now thanks to this step-by-step package, you too can take your fear of Public Speaking and throw it in the bin…

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Andrew Rondeau - Management Expert With 25 Years Experience

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"How To Write And Deliver A Winning Speech" has been created by Public Speaking World Champion, Darren LaCroix (in fact Craig Valentine another World Champion Public Speaker joins Darren on the audio). Both world champions share their essential secrets of writing and delivering a winning speech.

Bonuses one and two (value $302.00) have been created by Andrew Rondeau, a self-help junkie, having spent $thousands on Public Speaking products, he knows how to implement only the tips and techniques that make a huge difference.

Bonus 3 (value $47.00) has been created by Darren. Learn from Darren, how to create your own humor to "lighten up" your presentations.

Bonus 4 (value $77.00) has been created by Darren. You can become as good as a fee paying speaker by simply listening to this audio. You cannot get this product anywhere else unless you purchase Darren's product for $497.00.

Not only does Get Applause Now! take you by the hand and walk you through every critical detail of the Public Speaking process, it is also designed so you can use it in a matter of minutes!

Both Darren and Andrew have personally used and taught these secrets time and time again to hundreds of personal clients and they have honed and polished these tips and techniques, so they can guarantee they work

So please realize how unique this special offer is and take advantage of it right now.

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" speech went from great to WOW!"

“I presented my speech in front of about a 100 trained speakers and not one of them could give me a clue on how to make it better. They all said, ‘it’s perfect the way it is.’ In just two hours with Darren's materials, my speech went from great to WOW! Those two hours were two hours of my life very well spent.”

Cliff Suttle, Novi, MI


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